The Japanese Feudal History- Part 3 Nara Jidai

Nara Period-Nara Jidai (710-794)

Jidai is the Japanese word for time period or epoch.
Already in the 6th century, the foundations were laid for what later developed into the samurai class, in that land lots
was distributed to vassals.
In 710, Nara is proclaimed the capital and this marks the beginning of the Japanese
feudal times. A government system is introduced following a Chinese model.
In the first historical work written in Japanese, the Kojiki, the imperial family is said to be related to the gods.

The book has several English translations. The earliest is probably ”The Kojiki” or ”Records of Ancient Matters”, written by Basil Hall Chamberlain in 1882.
During this Nara Period, the Buddhist temples also become increasingly powerful.


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