Dokan Ryu Ju Jutsu

Dokan Ryu Ju Jutsu was founded in 2000 by Pavel Antonsson Shihan, Okuden 7 Dan Kyoshi.
The style is aimed at both self-defense and fighting. In fighting, the emphasis is on
full contact.
For higher Dan ranks (black belt degrees), the historical heritage and importance of crosstraining, what we call Dokan Budō, is also emphasized. At the same time, there are principles and the traditional execution
of certain techniques preserved, but then as techniques in kata form to higher ranks.

The name Dokan symbolizes the constant training, the constant repetition. Ryu means
style or school.

One can summarize Dokan Ryu Ju Jutsu & Sport Ju Jutsu as:
Reality-Based Self Defense
• Fighting & Sports Ju Jutsu

• A Budō with modern training methods & traditional values

Dokan Ryu Ju Jutsu is today both accepted and classified as its own style by several
international and Japanese Budo federations and organizations. We have as a style been classified as one:
Nihon Ju Jutsu style
• Nihon Goshin Jutsu style
• Nihon Taijutsu style
• Karate Jutsu style

This is proof that we really have a wide all-round style to offer!


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