Tori-i no Kamae / Suwari no Tori-i (Kenjutsu)

Now we we will continue with the the grading syllabus for 3 Kyu Sankyu Nihon Kobudo/Kobujutsu. Now there will be a more advanced training in both Iaijutsu & Kenjutsu!
We begin to go through the requirements for the Kenjutsu part.


3-4. Tori-i no Kamae & Suwari Tori-i no Kamae

Tori-i no Kamae means ”the Temple Gate Posture”. Suwari is the knee standing version.

Strictly speaking, this is not an actual kamae, but more of a preparatory transitional position. It can be used to parry a cut to the head or with a step forward as an attack.

What is important in Tori-i no kamae (Suwari no Tori-i)?

  • Get down on one knee (suwari)
  • Raise your sword with the edge up and the left hand resting against the back of the sword (at the same height as the monouchi).
  • Raise the right arm forward close to the head, the left hand raises slightly higher. The sword is held slightly diagonally in front of you.
  • You must maintain attention around you (metsuke)


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