In no Kamae

Now we we will continue with the the grading syllabus for 3 Kyu Sankyu Nihon Kobudo/Kobujutsu. Now there will be a more advanced training in both Iaijutsu & Kenjutsu!
We begin to go through the requirements for the Kenjutsu part.


  1. In no Kamae

In no Kamae means ”the Shadow Posture”. In some styles it is called Hasso gamae (Hasso no kamae).
It is essentially an offensive position.

So what is important in In no Kamae?

  • Begin in Seigan no Kamae with the right leg forward.
  • Take right step back and shift from Seigan no Kamae to In no Kamae. Lower your hips and keep your side towards the opponent.
  • The sword is held vertically at your side with the kissaki (tip of the sword) pointing upwards. The edge is directed forward.
  • The right hand is at ear height, approx. 10 cm away. The right elbow is held against the body.
  • You must maintain attention around you (metsuke).


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