KENJUTSU KAMAE: Sasagakure no Kamae

At 4 Kyu Yonkyu we start going through the Kenjutsu part. We continue our review of the various Kamae (positions, stances) that we use. Now we’ve come to some more advanced Kamae.

Sasagakure no Kamae:
Sasagakure no Kamae (“hidden in bamboo grass posture”). It is essentially a defensive position.

What is important in Sasagakure no Kamae?

• Start in Seigan no Kamae with the right leg forward, take a right step back and walk from Seigan no Kamae to Sasagakure no Kamae.
• Lower your hips and keep your side facing the opponent.
• The sword is held in the right hand slightly pointed backwards vertically on the right side of the head.
• The left palm is thrust forward towards the opponent’s face.
• You must maintain attention around you (metsuke).

The application may be to blind the opponent with a simultaneous atemi to the face, Ganmen ate. At the same time, you can open up for a cut or a Tsuka ate.


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