The Classification of Ju Jutsu

Within the Japanese Budo culture, classification is often considered very important! At least, when it comes to one
possible membership in a Japanese organization. Today’s modern Ju Jutsu styles and systems can only be classified as Gendai
Budo and never as a Koryu.
Furthermore, the classification is determined by the style itself:

  1. A style that contains most of the technical elements of a complete Ju Jutsu system and possibly some techniques
    from Koryu preserved in kata form, would probably often be classified as Nihon Ju Jutsu.
  2. A style that is mainly based on techniques from aikido, judo and karate (a synthesis) would probably be considered as Nihon Taijutsu.
  3. A style that strictly asserts a modern self-defense, which lacks kata and a classical kihon training, would probably be classified as Nihon Goshin Jutsu.
  4. A style that places most emphasis on law enforcement grappling and arresting techniques, would be classified
    as Nihon Taiho Jutsu.

Seen from a Japanese perspective, most Western systems are not Ju Jutsu, but rather Goshin Jutsu or Taijutsu.
How then would our style, Dokan Ryu Ju Jutsu, be classified? We have been classified by various international and Japanese
federation to all four groups, we train a complete style. Dokan Ryu has also been classified as a Karate Jutsu style.

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