The Japanese Feudal History- Part 8 Tokugawa-Shogunate-Edo Jidai

Tokugawa-Shogunate-Edo Jidai (1600-1867)

In 1603, Tokugawa Ieyasu becomes the new shogun. Power moves to Edo (the era is also called the Edo period). Edo will becomes the real capital of Japan. Kyoto, where the emperor had his seat, becomes the nominal capital.

Under Tokugawa’s rule, the samurai clans becomes the officially highest class in Japanese society. They now got the absolute power and the rest the population became more or less disenfranchised against them. The country ended up at peace at the price of a strict military dictatorship.
The samurai class made up less than 10% of the population. The samurai came as the new great aristocracy more to engage in the art of war.
The Tokugawa clan came to rule Japan right up until Japan’s modernization in 1868.


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