The Japanese Feudal History- Part 6 Ashikaga- Muromachi Jidai

Ashikaga Shogunate-Ashikaga Muromachi Jidai (1333-1573)

Ashikaga is appointed shogun and centralize power to Muromachi (the era is also called the Muromachi period).

The use of ashigaru, foot soldiers, is also being introduced. Ashigaru were peasants trained for battle. This leads to the fact that during the 15th century, warfare was changed. Now the image of the more classic samurai appears. A warrior (bushi) who fights on foot with his sword, katana (uchigatana), with the edge hanging upwards.

A new major civil war, the Onin War, breaks out, depicted in e.g. the movie ”The Seven Samurai”. After nearly 100 years of civil war Japan is reunited.

The period between the years 1467-1568 also came to be known as the Sengoku Jidai, the Warring States period.

Around 1543, the first handgun (the musket) is introduced by the Portuguese. Hojutsu, becomes the name of tar new ”firearm technique”.

Members of the Ashikaga clan were shoguns for 15 generations.


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