Ju Jutsu training is performed wearing a white gi (actually keiko-gi, training uniform). This is held together by the belt, obi.

The color of the belt marks the technical skill of the practitioner. As a beginner, you have a white belt.

The Kyu grades (student ranks) are marked with a white, yellow, orange, green, blue and brown belt.

The Dan grades (black belt grades/master grades) are marked with black, red-black, red-white and red belt.

Recommended minimum time to 1st Dan black belt is 6 years of continuous training, but takes in reality longer time to achieve.

During grading and demonstrations, the style embroidery must be sewn onto your gi jacket. Marks on the uniform shall be worn as follows:

• the style embroidery, the calligraphy, on the left breast, above the heart

club badge on left upper sleeve

• the federal badge on the right upper arm


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