The Japanese Feudal History- Part 5 Kamakura Jidai

Kamakura Shogunate-Kamakura Jidai (1185-1333)

The real power is shifted to Kamakura. Total power was now held by the shogun and his feudal lords, the daimyo.
The emperor becomes a mere puppet figure.

The Mongols try to invade Japan in 1274 and 1281. Twice the samurai succeed in resisting the invasion attempts with the help of the ”Divine Wind”, Kamikaze. The divine wind was the name of the typhoon that sank the Mongol fleet both times.
The Kamakura Shogunate ended with the bloody Nanbokucho War in 1333 and the Ashikaga clan taking power. The civil war continues for 59 years.

Foot soldiers were usually armed with naginata, but the war also saw a shift to using spears (yari) instead.
Zen Buddhism begins to emerge.


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